X-Rite 962 Spectrophotometer

Accurate Color On the Go

The 962 portable handheld 0/45 spectrophotometer is a convenient color measurement instrument that allows you to obtain absolute and differential measurements in the lab, plant or field for a wide range of colorimetric systems. It is ideal for distributed workgroups whose members have varying requirements and skill levels but who must deliver color consistency across the supply chain.

The X-Rite 962 features an easy-to-read graphical LCD display and a pass/fail mode that measures against up to 1,024 standards with tolerances that can be stored for easy pass/fail measurement. Its unique Project Mode enables the collection of multiple color standards under an identified project as part of a corporate color standards program. The 962 is available in three models, distinguished by their measurement area: 962 (7mm), 962S (4mm), 962L (15mm)


  • The 962 is easy to read and easy to use, regardless of the skill level of the operator. Its Pass/Fail mode is a fast way for users to evaluate color accuracy against an established standard.
  • When paired with Color iQC or Color iMatch software, the 962 offers increased control over QC and color formulation activities.
  • The 962 captures color data that helps identify variation in incoming materials, production batches and more, reducing the color approval cycle and speeding time to market.
  • Its wide colorimetric range meets a number of CIE certifications and includes CIE XYZ, CIE Yxy, CIE LAB, Hunter LAB, CIE LCH, CME, CIE94, Whiteness and Yellow.

When used with X-Rite NetProfiler, a cloud-based blend of software and color standards for verifying and optimizing performance of color measurement devices, variance among instruments used in various parts of the color workflow is reduced.


This item has been classed as being in Grade A Condition, fully working with only minor signs of use.

Included Accessories

  • Power Supply


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